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Dark Secrets of Hungerburg

What's quest tour about

City of Hungerburg urgently needs your help! An evil curse has been laid on the numerous city infrustructure objects, that causes their destruction and decay for more than 20 years. You are Hungerburg only hope!

What you will see on quest tour

All the darkest and most terrible places in this town

Author of the quest

Aleksandr Kashenkov

There are many places in every city where interesting facts, secrets and riddles are hidden. I would like to open such places and share these discoveries with you.

Quest tour in mobile app

for the company from 1 to 5 people


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2,5 h

walking pace

5 km

Approximate quest tour distance

Start at Koidu 25

Area of quest tour

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How it works

Tasks with text, images, audio and video inserts reveal the reality for you in new colors.
The arrow of the navigator and the distance indicator to the object help you and you will not get lost even in an unfamiliar city for you.
You can take a break for shopping, gatherings in a cafe or a spectacular selfi at any time and continue the quest whenever you want.
Routes are possible without the presence of the Internet. You can do this in any country in the world!